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Having a mobile app is highly desirable when it comes to online exposure. However, while it’s important to have a mobile presence it’s also very important to have a web app that everyone loves using. For instance, can you imagine a world without the website YouTube? The trick is the internet functioned without this kind of app before, it was just all scattered on various websites and on various forums. But, once a website and like that came out everyone started using it where it eliminated the need for similar web apps ever again. There are more web apps now that are narrowing down the use of various websites and it’s been an awesome experience to see how professional all these apps and services are getting as time goes by.

Now, let’s get into the free web apps that we would highly recommend to everyone.


Bitmoji is the best online avatar creating tool that has swept many websites in one swoop. If you want to build your own avatar and add details on it which can include anything from eyes mouths and even a customized whole face than Bitmoji is your best web app that we would recommend.

Google maps

While navigation has been always present in some form to humanity, nothing has ever or will ever come close to the google maps feature. This web app alone is a must have as it eliminates any chance of being lost or not knowing the way to a certain location. The best part of this is that it can also be found on all platforms so you can always be connected to the google maps server and never get lost no matter the length of the trip.


imdbIMDb has slowly but definitely become the de-facto web app that is being used to rate movies and to stay in touch with the complete movie scene. It not only monitors what movies and trailers are coming out but it also lets people communicate and rate every movie based on their experience. If you want a place where you can get all the information about certain movies the IMDb web app is the place to bee.

The known light version of the famous adobe photoshop app is both free and is based online so you are not required to do any kind of installation on your computer. They also offer you a 2gb storage space for all your editing needs and it’s the perfect place to save your photographs. There is also a mobile version of this but we would recommend this version as working on the desktop computer is always a better choice when it comes to photoshopping.



Hulu is not a new web app but it’s one that is gaining traction slowly but surely. We all know what Netflix is and Hulu is not a much different web app. It lets you stream and watch shows that you love and while it requires a membership to have full access there is a free month for every subscriber so give it a try.

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