Quality Practices For Every Web Design

Website architecture or Web Design is such an energizing industry to be a member of, particularly when you get the chance to see inventive, intuitive and fresh outlines. While there is an immense measure of excellent, useful sites, there is likewise a huge amount of monstrous, overcompensated, and pointless sites.

We’ve arranged a rundown of best website design practices to guarantee website specialists are making useful, beautiful and valuable sites.

Continue with one branding and make it reliable a.k.a unique

Web DesignThings on the internet can’t be eccentric and unpredictable like in real life. Your website needs to be organized and functional. Having a website that is not made in such a way is just asking to get ignored even though its contents can be amazing for the user. On a disorganized and multi-branded website, it’s hard to tell what their image brand is, what their logo resembles, their color pallet and how they are offering themselves and what their offer is about.

A best practice in B2C and B2B web architecture is to keep the branding unique all through the whole webpage. Just utilize the foreordained brand hues, logos, and informing on each and every page of the site. This can apply to iconography, pictures, typography, and video recordings also. A brand’s story ought to be apparent and bolstered by the overall design.

Concentrate on Your Intended interest group

A quality site isn’t only a flawless visual piece, it’s a gateway for pulling in your intended interest group and giving them the data they need to choose if they want to become another one of your customers.

Before any B2B website composition, we need the run-down on the intended interest group.

– Do they know the organization’s image or service?  If not, how can we introduce them?

– Is the target market diverse? If yes, then how big?

– What makes the target audience be the same or unique?

– What are they emotionally connected with and what do they think about?

A typical misstep we see creators make is concentrating on the intended interest group toward the start and afterward overlooking them toward the finish of the design project. It’s important to keep your intended interest in your focus, especially when dishing out improvements to the design UI and the pictures used.

Improve the Format and make it simple

Straightforwardness and simplicity is ending up becoming a dominating trait in web design decisions. Spiced up, and convoluted sites ordinarily convey a poor experience for the user and usually winds up being outright a bad design choice. Quality sites regularly have streamlined formats that are anything but difficult to explore and empower each of the added design decisions to complement each other. As experienced B2B website specialists, we comprehend that websites today need to achieve more and host a lot of data, but that should be possible for every website in a simplified and streamlined way. Truth be told, if there are more elements on the website where the visitor needs to direct his attention, it will usually result in the visitor not paying enough attention to anything, which is bad.


Is WordPress For Beginners And What To Expect As One

If you are in the market to make a site than WordPress is the best place to start. Creating a site from nothing can be a frightening idea particularly when you’re not tech savvy. Try not to stress, you’re not the only one in this boat. Having helped thousands of individuals make a site with WordPress, we have chosen to make the most far-reaching well-ordered guide on the most proficient method to a make a site without figuring out how to code.  In any case, on the off chance that you require assistance, at that point you too can contact our professionals on the website to help you with the questions. We utilize WordPress to create every one of our sites including this one.


What do I have to do to create a site on my own?

You’ll require the accompanying three things to begin your WordPress site.

  • A domain name – this is the name of your site, for example, amazon.com
  • WordPress hosting – this is the place your site records are put away.
  • 45 minutes of your full focus but it can also take a longer time, depending on the website size.

The price of one WordPress site?

WordpressThe response to this question truly relies on what sort of site you are endeavoring to assemble.

A regular business site can cost as low as $100 every year and can go as high as $30,000 every year. Microsoft pays more than your local business.

We advise every one of our clients to begin small and afterward add more highlights to your site as your business develops. Along these lines, you will spare cash and limit potential loss from overspending. In guides and blogs, we’ll demonstrate to you best practices to create a site for under $100.

Which is the best site platform?

There are numerous web designers accessible that will enable you to set up a site. We suggest utilizing self-hosted WordPress as your starting platform.

WordPress is the most prevalent site creating a platform on the planet. It controls almost 28% of all sites on the web.

WordPress is also free and accompanies a huge number of web compositions and augmentations. It is to a great degree adaptable and works with relatively every outsider apparatus and administration accessible to site proprietors. For that reason, many beginners feel overwhelmed and rightfully so, but the trick is to focus on certain aspects, and not look at all of them, at least in the beginning. So in a sense there is not one that is the best, but each is user dependent.


Online Free Web Apps That We Highly Recommend

Having a mobile app is highly desirable when it comes to online exposure. However, while it’s important to have a mobile presence it’s also very important to have a web app that everyone loves using. For instance, can you imagine a world without the website YouTube? The trick is the internet functioned without this kind of app before, it was just all scattered on various websites and on various forums. But, once a website and like that came out everyone started using it where it eliminated the need for similar web apps ever again. There are more web apps now that are narrowing down the use of various websites and it’s been an awesome experience to see how professional all these apps and services are getting as time goes by.

Now, let’s get into the free web apps that we would highly recommend to everyone.


Bitmoji is the best online avatar creating tool that has swept many websites in one swoop. If you want to build your own avatar and add details on it which can include anything from eyes mouths and even a customized whole face than Bitmoji is your best web app that we would recommend.

Google maps

While navigation has been always present in some form to humanity, nothing has ever or will ever come close to the google maps feature. This web app alone is a must have as it eliminates any chance of being lost or not knowing the way to a certain location. The best part of this is that it can also be found on all platforms so you can always be connected to the google maps server and never get lost no matter the length of the trip.


imdbIMDb has slowly but definitely become the de-facto web app that is being used to rate movies and to stay in touch with the complete movie scene. It not only monitors what movies and trailers are coming out but it also lets people communicate and rate every movie based on their experience. If you want a place where you can get all the information about certain movies the IMDb web app is the place to bee.


The known light version of the famous adobe photoshop app is both free and is based online so you are not required to do any kind of installation on your computer. They also offer you a 2gb storage space for all your editing needs and it’s the perfect place to save your photographs. There is also a mobile version of this but we would recommend this version as working on the desktop computer is always a better choice when it comes to photoshopping.



Hulu is not a new web app but it’s one that is gaining traction slowly but surely. We all know what Netflix is and Hulu is not a much different web app. It lets you stream and watch shows that you love and while it requires a membership to have full access there is a free month for every subscriber so give it a try.


Best Android Apps For 2018

Another year has started and with another year it’s time to give our thoughts in the best mobile apps that you can use in the year 2018. With the last year being a pretty big success with mobile apps, for both the users and the creators, we can’t wait what will be made, discovered, and created in the year 2018. We are also looking for more of the apps we know and love to get re-worked or re-done as some have consistently gotten an update which made them more user-friendly or with more additions.

So, let’s get down to the actual apps. We also have to make note that all the apps we will be naming here are the apps that are either used most by the mobile users, or just our personal preference. We will also look to update this article later in the year when we do get some new and amazing apps, but for now, let’s get down to the actual list.

WhatsApp messenger

WhatsAppWhatsApp has become a staple when it comes to chatting apps. While we do have Viber and Facebook messenger we can’t take away from the success and usability of the WhatsApp messenger. The app alone has the best and most responsive chatting functionality, especially when it comes to voice and video messages. The chat app is simple to use, easy to get used to and hard to uninstall once you get used to it. The best part of the app is that it can integrate with your local numbers and you can soon have everyone chatting over the WhatsApp messenger for free!

Dark Sky

If you are in the market for a new app that will give you the best and most accurate weather updates, while at the same time offering you a very slick and intuitive design, then you need not look further than the app called Dark Sky. The dark sky is a newer app that is constantly getting new updates that just keeps making the app look cooler with more additions on every update. Highly recommended for a custom weather app.



While everyone is looking for new apps to save money or some form of cheating, there is a big crowd that wants to live a healthier life. For everyone that is in the market to get their lifestyle changed with more workouts and a better overview of their daily calorie intake and outtake the Fitbit app is the best one on the market. Tracking daily exercises has never been easier. So, make sure to fully make use of every feature of this amazing app.


While this app is not new, it’s unchallenged when it comes to quality music. Spotify has connected millions of artists and people together and has offered a platform for everyone that enjoys music in any form. With this app, you need not have another music app installed on your phone as you can both have it as a free version and as a premium.


Responsive Email Templates For Email Marketing & Newsletters

The world is changing and as many people don’t have time to spend on trivial things, everything needs to be done in a user-friendly way or it has to be delivered directly and without a lot of hassle for the user.

Email TemplatesWith over 71% of all emails first being opened on a mobile device, it is essential for email marketers to send mobile responsive emails to their clients and subscribers, otherwise, you run the risk of being deleted without being read, and this will make a dent in your email marketing response rate. Which in turn will make a dent in your revenue and visitor count. Don’t ever be that kind of business that walks 99 miles and then neglects to walk the last mile to the finish line. Having a responsive, intuitive and user-friendly email marketing and newsletter template will help you boost your visitors and potential revenue streams.

We specialize in building crisp and sleek looking mobile-responsive emails that are cross-platform compatible so you can be sure that whatever email client your emails are being read in, they will render perfectly. In fact, our professionals have been working in this field for several years and they have perfected the responsive e-mail templates to that degree that we can ensure you all your e-mails will reach the desired audience, as creating a newsletter that is interactive and intuitive for the user is our specialty.

All of our email templates are compatible with email marketing software such as Mail-chimp and Campaign Monitor.

At present, we offer two options, you can either supply us with your PSD and we do the coding, or we can design and build the email template for you.


Fully Responsive Landing Pages For Your Marketing Campaigns

Landing Pages DesignIncrease your website sales and conversions with fully responsive landing pages done by us. If you are getting plenty of traffic to your current landing pages, but very few leads/conversions, then contact us to rebuild your landing pages to one that will convert. There have always been web pages that have had an interesting landing page but it was lacking something as it would show by the time spent of the visitors. In fact, many pages that have been built for many websites are just not intuitive or interactive enough to keep the visitor engaged and wanting more. This problem can severely affect your web page and it should be looked into as just changing a few things can lead to a better and more productive landing page. Since the landing page is the most important part of the website, next to the product/service that is offered, it is important to say as many things on that page as possible while still keeping it simple and user-friendly.

When we build landing pages for your marketing campaigns, we ensure that they are built to the highest standards, with cross-browser compatibility, and fully responsive so they view perfectly on all devices. In fact, having a responsive web landing page is the main factor why many popular websites don’t lose their traffic but increase it over time. The landing page is like the first impression of somebody if you don’t get it right it’s difficult to get it in a better light the next time, as people don’t tend to give second chances like they did in the past, as there are so many other options that they need to check. Respecting the time that is put from the visitor will greatly increase your chances of leaving a good impression on them with just that landing page.

At present, we offer two options, you can either supply us with your PSD and we do the coding, or we can design and build the landing page for you. However, we are also open to additional tweaks as we don’t have a problem being micromanaged when it comes to creating the perfect product that the client requests of us.


Responsive Ecommerce Website Development

Whether you need a redesign of your current ecommerce website, or a new start-up requiring an ecommerce solution, we can plan, design & build you a fully responsive ecommerce website on a platform that suits you. Having any kind of task where we need to invest our time into creating the perfect website for our client is something that we enjoy doing and we take pride in the fact that none of the projects that we have worked on have had any complaints. With our professionals working on your website you can be sure that all your needs will be met and exceeded as we prefer to walk the extra mile instead of underperforming at any given task.

We ensure that your ecommerce website design meets all of your requirements, is SEO friendly, and scalable to meet your future needs as you grow. Having an SEO friendly website will, in fact, boost your revenue and visitor count by up to 80% which is the biggest improvement next to having a friendly UI and an adaptive website that works both on a mobile and on the computer desktop as well as on other devices.

We offer the most affordable E-commerce website design in Lisburn, Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland and mainland UK, so why not contact us to get your ecommerce website development project started today.

Ecommerce WebsitePrices for ecommerce website design start from as low as £695, we also have a pay monthly all-inclusive package available from as low as £99 per month which includes designing, building, hosting and management of your website on and on-going basis so you can sit back and take care of other aspects of your business. With that being said we continually strive to provide the best possible service for the cheapest price on the online market. We continually challenge ourselves and educate our working force to constantly outdo their previous task by implementing something new and unique and that is why if you hire us you are guaranteed to have a satisfactory and responsive website.

Below is a selection of ecommerce websites we have built. You can see our portfolio of recent websites we have built, both ecommerce and non-ecommerce by clicking here.


Mobile App Design For iPhones & Android

In the UK alone, 63% of the current generation prefers to make purchases from a mobile app, and 43.3% of all UK shoppers use their mobile devices when inside a retail store. Which means that having a mobile app for any kind of business that wants to branch out of their local market and into the more lucrative open world business, they need to have a functioning mobile app. In fact, businesses that do have a mobile-friendly app that offers their products or services with a friendlier UI have reported having a boom in their online presence that has also resulted in them making more money and more outreach than if they have just focused on having an online presence over the desktop web design.

In short, you don’t have a mobile app then you can be losing out on massive sales as more and more people turn to mobile apps to do business. We do mobile app design for a myriad of businesses and we can help you to design your next app from our experienced app designers in Lisburn. We have been in the business of making mobile apps for both Android and iPhones for many years and we will continue to do so as long as we enjoy making our work and making our clients happy. We have always strived to provide the best service for the cheapest available price on the market so if you are interested in branching out over the mobile app give us a try and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Mobile App Design

Whether you need an app for iPhones, androids or both, we can ensure you that your mobile app will be awesome and functional, whether it be a product-driven app or campaign driven app. And once your online presence has been established you can just kick back and enjoy the additional revenue and exposure that your mobile app will generate for you, as having a mobile-friendly interface has become so popular to the mobile generation that if a website is not mobile friendly 80% of them leave within the first minute. Don’t be a website that loses its costumers due to this small issue. Hire us and join thousands of people that are up-to-date with this new online trend.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignHaving a presence online today has become so ingrained in our culture and our lives that for businesses that don’t have their presence established online, they are missing out on a lot of revenue, exposure and free good publicity. The fact of the matter is that in this social boom age that we are experiencing at the moment it has become a “bad thing” not to have a presence established on the internet. However, many businesses don’t invest a lot of money into their presence and just do it so that they would have any kind of presence. This is a wrong way to approach this topic and situation as having a quality online presence that is responsive and fast should be a top priority for every business. Why do you think that Amazon became so popular and one of the most visited websites in the world in today’s age?

If it was not clear to you up till now, it’s because they have made a website that has one of the friendliest UI’s and is the fastest way to do shopping without too much hassle. Having a website, that services millions of people per day, has to be fast, responsive, and adaptive otherwise somebody else will do it and will take away your potential visitors.

What does it mean to have a responsive web design?

Well, this is an easy question but multiple answers. Having a responsive website is not just about speed. It is also about having a website that is friendly for multiple platforms. As we all know many people are surfing the internet over all kinds of platforms, for instance, an iPad and over their mobile phone and so even use a tv for certain features. Having a responsive web design means that your website has anticipated traffic from different devices and has adapted their UI to be able to function on those devices. There is nothing worse than visiting a website over the mobile phone to find out it’s not mobile friendly. Most of the people would exit the website at that moment.


Social Media Marketing Agency UK

Is Social Media Marketing Really That Important?

The explosion and reputation of social media network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest means having a social media marketing strategy is possibly just as important as a fully optimized website.

You only have to read adverts in the tabloids and watch the adverts on the TV to see that more and more companies are referring potential customers to their Facebook page rather than their own website as part of their social media marketing plan in order to push brand awareness on a certain product or service.

Many websites will have buttons to follow them on the various social media networking sites that are available. Though this is essential, in order to have a successful social media marketing strategy, you need to be active with these networks in order to retain and increase the number of followers.

If your competitors are online, and influencing your customers into trying their product whilst you cling on to your existing techniques then it may be time to speak with a social media marketing agency such as Spider Web Designz who are based in the UK to structure your social media marketing on either a local or international level.

These networks, such as Facebook and YouTube are platforms for communication, and through “online word of mouth” you can get your message, offer or service out to thousands of potential customers, engaging them in a positive and effective sales manner.

Social MediaWith that all said, we come to the understanding that having a presence in the online world is detrimental and essential for every business that plans to branch out beside their local market. In fact, having a social media presence is today considered the best kind of advertising as it has become far cheaper to update your social media profile with new items than to constantly send new ads over the local paper or the radio show. The truth of the matter is that many more people are connected on the social media websites, who are likely to use your product, than the people who watch TV or who listen to the radio. So, the bottom line is that the social media boom that has been happening in the recent years is just the first step to the goal of transferring all businesses online and establishing a presence now is one of the most important moves for every business that plans to have a future.

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