Best Android Apps For 2018

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Another year has started and with another year it’s time to give our thoughts in the best mobile apps that you can use in the year 2018. With the last year being a pretty big success with mobile apps, for both the users and the creators, we can’t wait what will be made, discovered, and created in the year 2018. We are also looking for more of the apps we know and love to get re-worked or re-done as some have consistently gotten an update which made them more user-friendly or with more additions.

So, let’s get down to the actual apps. We also have to make note that all the apps we will be naming here are the apps that are either used most by the mobile users, or just our personal preference. We will also look to update this article later in the year when we do get some new and amazing apps, but for now, let’s get down to the actual list.

WhatsApp messenger

WhatsAppWhatsApp has become a staple when it comes to chatting apps. While we do have Viber and Facebook messenger we can’t take away from the success and usability of the WhatsApp messenger. The app alone has the best and most responsive chatting functionality, especially when it comes to voice and video messages. The chat app is simple to use, easy to get used to and hard to uninstall once you get used to it. The best part of the app is that it can integrate with your local numbers and you can soon have everyone chatting over the WhatsApp messenger for free!

Dark Sky

If you are in the market for a new app that will give you the best and most accurate weather updates, while at the same time offering you a very slick and intuitive design, then you need not look further than the app called Dark Sky. The dark sky is a newer app that is constantly getting new updates that just keeps making the app look cooler with more additions on every update. Highly recommended for a custom weather app.



While everyone is looking for new apps to save money or some form of cheating, there is a big crowd that wants to live a healthier life. For everyone that is in the market to get their lifestyle changed with more workouts and a better overview of their daily calorie intake and outtake the Fitbit app is the best one on the market. Tracking daily exercises has never been easier. So, make sure to fully make use of every feature of this amazing app.


While this app is not new, it’s unchallenged when it comes to quality music. Spotify has connected millions of artists and people together and has offered a platform for everyone that enjoys music in any form. With this app, you need not have another music app installed on your phone as you can both have it as a free version and as a premium.

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